The Woman Who Went Overboard by Florence Wetzel

I was lucky enough to be sent this book from the author herself after connecting on Instagram through the #bookstagram community. I actually read this book in August 2020 during a very warm English summer, which felt rather bizarre and contradicted the pathetic fallacy and atmosphere immediately. But, nonetheless I dived straight into reading itContinue reading “The Woman Who Went Overboard by Florence Wetzel”

The Katharina Code by Jรธrn Lier Horst

:- My introduction to Nordic Noir I previously mentioned in my recent Currently Reading post that this book was originally a Christmas present for my dad as he’s always enjoyed Scandinavian crime novels, but read nothing by this author, and I always wanted to borrow it after him. The Nordic Noir genre has fast becomeContinue reading “The Katharina Code by Jรธrn Lier Horst”