Come Sundown by Nora Roberts

After enjoying Obsession by Nora Roberts so much back in June 2020, I picked up Come Sundown. I was attracted to this book by the mention of a family ranch, vigilante strong female character and a wrongly accused lover in the blurb, little did I know there would be so much more among the 547 pages.

A dream of mine for a while now is to spend some time at an authentic horse ranch in Montana, USA, accelerated by watching episodes of Heartland on Netflix, but this book also threw in a helping hand, too. Nora Roberts’ ability to describe a setting so vividly and comprehensively is just off the scale, even if I paused my reading for a while, as soon as I opened the pages back up I was immediately transported back to the scene. The family network and community described was extensive and slightly hard to keep track of at times, but this is a minor quibble.

The plot is layered and intersected with flashes back to 1991 and some parts are hard to read. The subject matters raised in the story-line include abuse and rape, so not for the faint-hearted, but I did find them to be sensitive and tasteful, not overly saturated. The underlying love theme softens the hardcore lines, which is needed in a book this long; you don’t feel like you’re constantly trudging to a crime’s resolution, the parallel stories criss-cross throughout and keep it light.

This family-oriented thriller is a beautiful insight to never giving up hope, even in the worst of situations. A truly enjoyable book from the ever-great Nora Roberts. Comedic nuggets thrown in at just the right moments, but still enough mystery to thrill. A complex novel with many explored areas, but definitely worth a read. Passion, obsession, murder. A lot can happen… come sundown. – GJ

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