New Author’s Debut: The Colours of Denial by Arti Manani

Writing your first book must be a daunting experience as an upcoming author. You have an idea, write it, get it printed and available to sell… then wait for people to buy it. With the power of social media you can now contact like-minded or influential people freely and this is a huge benefit to the whole literature community. The advantages to the author, readers and publishers/promoters are second to none because the author is being given a chance to have their work read, readers might be discovering a great book/new favourite author and publishers/promoters don’t want to miss out on publishing or promoting the next potential big name in the genre!

Arti Manani, the author, contacted me on the Thrillerseekers Instagram page and after conversing a little while sent me the first chapter of “The Colours of Denial” to read and I have so say I was gripped and intrigued! The first chapter of a book has to make you want to continue reading and it had raised a lot of questions for me so box number one ticked! She then sent me a copy of the book from Amazon UK, where it is available to purchase (at £7.99 for paperback or £4.30 on Kindle) and even with the lockdown pressures on the postal services I received it in a few days. I actually hadn’t been able to stop thinking about the book after reading the first chapter so it was good that it was delivered quickly as I just wanted to continue reading!

I can confirm that I did enjoy the read, as Arti had hoped in her note; I finished it in 2 sittings. There is something that compels you to keep reading, and I can’t put my finger on whether her writing style just draws you in so much that you can’t release your hold on the book to put it down or if the plot is so interesting that you’re desperately trying to figure out where the story is heading.

This book has a lot of descriptive features throughout, metaphors and similes run riot, so much so that I did occasionally have to go back and start reading a sentence again just so I could get the picture clearer in my head. The strong imagery works to create this sense of fantasy vs reality and that’s a really key theme throughout the book. “What’s real and what’s not?” plays a big part in the plot, and I liked that! Deciphering the truth and picking out the correct jigsaw pieces from a jumble in order to make the right picture is how I felt whilst reading. There is a breadcrumb reveal in every chapter, but on a few occasions I started second guessing thinking “oh wait no maybe it’s this scenario instead”, so your brain is constantly whirring, piecing it all together. The timeline is sporadic and jumps back and forth but all the while avoiding the main “7 months ago” event so it reflects the characters behaviours and feelings surrounding whatever tragedy has occurred. It keeps you hooked right to the very emotional end!

I have to say, it’s very cleverly written. I did wonder what all the description was going to amount to as it’s clear that some of the nightmare/dreams/voices in Sophia’s head were significant… but why? The ending did move me to tears as the realisation dawned of the true scenario, because there’s this sense of relief and positivity as the rollercoaster comes to it’s final stop. This book is a psychological domestic thriller and it does get in your head! The conflict, habits and actions of the characters make you think so many different things along the journey and not all of them were good, I had a real wariness surrounding Oliver but my mistrust was mistaken for misguided intentions of unfaltering love, devotion and denial. This book addresses some really strong issues including control, personal perceptions, mental health and self-esteem/confidence, but especially loss and love and the hook on the cover is true – “the only way out is to face the truth”. I enjoyed my read of this 225 page thriller and the new author has a lot of promise; you’ll have a whirlwind ride if you pick it up but you won’t regret it and I wish her all the best with future books. – GJ

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  1. What a compliment to be asked to critique a debut novel! I really hope Arti is pleased with your comments and others are inspired to obtain her book and enjoy it


  2. Reading your reviews is going to bankrupt me… as your vivid descriptions make it impossible not to want to read the books you write about!


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