14th April 2020: No One Home by Tim Weaver

Installment #1: The story behind No One Home by Tim Weaver

GJ with No One Home over a rare sunny Easter Bank Holiday

Blurb of No One Home

This afternoon I’ve decided to mix things up a little bit from my usual reviews; I’m going to explore the story behind my Currently Reading pick!

So, I was browsing a supermarket a few weeks ago and I saw this book on the shelf and it caught my eye. I hadn’t heard of the author, Tim Weaver, before but I don’t know how or why not? His first book was published in 2010 and my goodness how I wish I’d discovered him sooner – I will be adding all of his previous books to my TBR list and will start at the beginning!

I always prefer to purchase books from a book store; we’ve got to keep them on our high streets otherwise they will disappear and there is nothing better than wandering around a bookstore on a Sunday morning wanting to buy everything! (Also, one of my favourite films is the classic You’ve Got Mail and so loving your local bookstore has always resonated strongly with me from an early age).

So, I walked from the fore mentioned supermarket to Waterstones (I feel very lucky there is one in my local town centre) and purchased the book there. Result! This was Sunday 22nd March 2020, and on Monday 23rd the UK went into “Coronavirus Lockdown”and the store closed temporarily, along with almost every other shop. It’s a surreal time in history at the moment; it’s like someone has pressed “pause” on life as we knew it and normality still hasn’t been resumed.

The UK feels like a very different place right now, heightened even more so by glorious weather over the Easter Bank Holiday which is traditionally unpredictable and ultimately freezing, raining, or snowing. But not this year. This year, we were blessed with blazing sunshine at highs of 22 degrees and crystal clear blue skies, but all whilst not being allowed to leave your home except for essential trips.

So, I’m taking a lot of comfort in sitting outside in the garden with a sun lounger, cup of tea (naturally), and reading a good book. And I am finding myself very gripped and drawn into No One Home. I’ve read 2/3rds in 2 days and I am picking it up every opportunity I get! Completely un-put-down-able. I feel thankful for books right now, and with my TBR pile 14-strong I could happily remain in quarantine for a few more months. Although, let’s hope its over as soon as safely possible, but until then, I’ll just keep on reading! – GJ

My TBR pile on 14th April 2020

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