The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

The jeopardy of the blurb gets your heart pounding before you’ve even opened the book to the first page. Be prepared to feel paralysing fear on behalf of the main character. Not only is she trapped in all aspects of her life; personal and work but is now on a boat. In the middle of the North Sea.

This is a very clever thriller. The classic ‘whodunnit” story-line mirrors the traditional style of the famous Agatha Christie, where a limited number of people are stuck in one location and the methodical way to eliminate suspects and who couldn’t possibly have done it, until one is left. And they must be the person responsible. Means, Motive, Opportunity. The mantra. But this book has exceptional twists. From the very beginning you get a sense that nothing is as it seems and people may not be who they say they are, but without contact to the outside world, how can you check? And who do you trust?

A constant battle rages between ally vs enemy and I think it compliments the internal battles the lead character has. But, all the while proving intuition and instincts are invaluable among desperation and second-guessing. There’s a strong impression that the whole trip has been engineered to force encounters for the pure reason to influence Lo’s opinions on the other guests and as the reader you feel her frustration at this. What is true and what really happened?

When faced with a survive or die decision, it’s truly amazing what the human body, and mind for that matter, can endure. It’s also incredible what appealing to someone’s humanity can achieve; how alliances can be formed in order to stay alive. This book is so very good, and will get you to question yourself, your motives, your mental and physical strength. When surrounded with unknowns and your mind playing tricks on you, how far would you go to prove it was real? – GJ

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