The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley

Read this book. You will not regret it.

So, the bright yellow, simple, minimalist cover grabs you first. It’s so different to other book covers, normally they’re dark colours or picture a crime scene. So, you pick it up, turn it over, find yourself walking over to the counter and the next thing you know you are walking out of your local Waterstones holding this book with anticipation coursing through your veins. It also confirms it’s a worthwhile purchase when the lady behind the counter taps the cover with her finger as you are paying and says “I’ve read this, great thriller, you will love it”. The smile on your face as you walk out knowing you’re in for a great read.

This is not like any book I have ever before, it is so unique and I just loved every page. You feel entirely trapped, just as the characters are, but as the reader your want to not leave this beautiful setting tainted with tragedy is so strong, and that is unmistakably down to the writing of the author. She manages to effortlessly encapsulate you in the story, so much so that you ARE there. You FEEL it. Its a real skill to get a reader so invested, but she has done it very very well indeed.

There is a small period of time in the middle where you feel a little tired of the guessing game, but then a twist comes and you’re thrown back into the proverbial warzone, senses heightened and buzzing again. You just cannot be certain what you know, you question everything about everyone, every character is a suspect and I love that. It’s a true murder mystery, a classic whodunnit but in a breath of fresh air; a modern, young approach.

Lucy’s chosen writing style suits this plot very well, the continually switching perspective volunteers additional information, so you are building this “big picture” in your head about this group of friends and how people aren’t who they say they are, how you can be wrong about what or who you think you know. It’s full of life lessons that things aren’t always what they seem and there’s another side to every sequence of events, it’s just down to whether or not you choose to believe it or, if you even want to listen. Some people just think they always know best. Some people think they are always right. They’re not.

I am not going to give anything away, it would be a travesty to ruin this for future readers. Honestly, just read it. It’s so good. – GJ

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  1. I borrowed this book from my local library as I’d seen a review of it in a newspaper (not as good as this one) but sadly didn’t have time to read it so I returned it. I’ll definitely make time now! It sounds very intriguing and I always enjoy those plots where groups of people, seemingly strangers are holed up somewhere remote when one or more are murdered/disappear (Agatha Christie springs to mind). I can’t wait to read this book and thank you for whetting my appetite!


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