One False Move by Robert Goddard

So, the blurb on this book is very well written. It’s punchy and evokes curiosity, so safe to say it caught my attention as the IT/technology angle stood out from other Thrillers. I wondered how it was going to link together and what the story was going to be like, and ultimately what the ending could be. I was hoping there was going to be a strong female lead, but I was sadly mistaken.

The book starts well, the first 160 pages were fast paced, gripping and had great characters. The next 40 pages were like a political history lesson, and I know the intention was to build background, but it went on for far too long and I ended up skim reading most of it as it just wasn’t interesting or particularly relevant. The basic sequence of events required to explain the background and the relevance to the previous 160 pages could have been summarised far better and left pages spare to concentrate on linking this anecdote to the main characters. I found a fair number of characters turned out to be irrelevant and appeared just to make up the word count and so I found myself questioning if any of characters were important or if they were all flaky and pointless.

I got bored, that’s the honest truth. The exasperation and helplessness felt by the Nicole character was mirrored by me as I felt the book was going nowhere with any real intention or exciting outcome. It was predictable as you knew nothing bad was going to happen to Nicole, Forrester or Joe even though the author was trying to make you think they were in real danger. The threats were empty and it felt weak. You could predict the showdown at the end would be a double-cross to ensure that the main characters all end up fine and survive. It felt rushed and not well thought out. Almost like you were just reading for a means to an end just to finish the book in case it got good.

This book had no impact on me; I haven’t read anything else by the author but he is an esteemed writer, having won a Lifetime Achievement in crime writing, so perhaps I needed to choose another title first in order to understand his style better. I would read another book by him in the future, but I won’t be rushing out to buy one straightaway. – GJ

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