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Update 28/06/2020

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Happy Reading! – GJ

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start…

Hi! I’m Grace, 24, from the UK and I love reading Thriller and Crime novels. Always have, always will. Combine this with my love of detective dramas (I spent a lot of Sundays on the sofa watching classic Midsomer Murders growing up) and it’s probably safe to say I am fascinated by what can push people to the edge and make life-changing decisions.

Life is overwhelming and I often find a high percentage of news and media spewed around is completely pointless, irrelevant and superficial. That’s why I love escaping into a great novel. You become immersed in the page-turning act of being in a different life; you are the characters, you are transported to the setting, you are following the Means, Motive, Opportunity mantra, and it is so comforting, like your favourite mug of hot tea (I love tea by the way). Don’t get me wrong, they can be hard to read, some of the crimes are horrific and you can lose a little faith in humanity, but ultimately there is a solution, there has to be. People can’t just disappear, or can they? – GJ

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